What Types of Meals are offered?

We offer 2 meal plans (Traditional Meal Plan and Keto Meal Plan)

Is there a difference in the types of Meal Plans?

Our traditional meal plan is great for someone looking for a healthy balance of Lean Protein, Healthy Carbs and Fresh Vegetables. The Keto Plan is our low Carb and High Fat diet

What is the Cost per Meal?

The Cost per Meal is $8.95

Do I need to choose a “default meal plan?

Yes, upon signing up you will need to choose a meal plan that will be used as a default meal plan in the case that you do not want to, or forget to customize your weekly meals.

Can I customize my meals?

Absolutely, after signing up you will have access to your individual member portal where you can view all of the weekly menus as well as substitute meals and customize your calendar. You are never limited to one plan so for instance if you are on the traditional meal plan but see a meal on the Keto plan that you like you can swap it out. We encourage choosing your meals as we know everyone’s individual preferences are.

How Do I sign up?

To sign up please first select a meal plan and then follow the steps to create an account and go through to the purchase page.

How can I contact customer service?

Customer Service can be reached exclusively through our Online Chat. Our customer service team prides itself on being extremely responsive and timely in providing solutions and answering any questions out members may have.

Can I pause my account?

Yes, absolutely you can. In the member portal area there is a pause button. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE Pause feature lasts for 1 week only. Your account will automatically resume the following week and would need to be paused again for the next week if needed.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a $7.00 per delivery fee. With 2 Deliveries per week the total cost of the weekly delivery is $14.00. We are currently working on a pickup location where the delivery fee would be waived. We will keep our members up to date on when that will be completed.

What time will my meals be delivered?

The Meals will arrive to you between the hours of 2:00am-7:00am in an insulated bag with plenty of ice packs to keep the meals cold until you retrieve them. We ask that you leave the bags and Ice packs out the night before your next delivery.

What if I am allergic to an ingredient or have a major dislike?

If you have an allergy or a major dislike you can always swap the meal that would contain the item you can’t have with a different meal that fits your dietary needs. We have made the meal substitution feature in the customer portal very user friendly for this reason. We believe that there will be plenty of choices to fit our members needs. In the description of each meal we highlight all the major allergies that meal has to make it easier to identify.

Do you offer Breakfast?

Yes, we are currently offering 3 breakfast items that change weekly like the lunch and dinner items.

What is the Cutoff time for making any changes to my meals or my account?

All changes to accounts must be made to the account by each Thursday at 12:00 noon for the following weeks delivery

When will I be charged?

Each member is charged for the first week at the time of signup. Then each week directly after the Thursday cutoff each member will be charged for the upcoming week.